Yuh wah tief light????

Mi did think seh people who tief light are people who skilled in the field, but this bredda tek the cake!

I have no idea if that’s what he was doing up there or if it was just the devil at his best again, showing us how he can have his way with you, but after watching this, any desire I had of stealing light just vanished. JPS YUH CAN KEEP MI MONEY!!!
What I wanna know is:
1. If he’s done this before, then he must be a pro, so how come him manage fi get so tangled up??
//www.youtube.com/get_player2. If he hasn’t climbed a pole before, NOBODY NEVA SEE WHEN HIM A CLIMB IT FI TRY STOP HIM??
4. Did his life flash before his eyes? Did he die up there? Is his body still up there????
5. The pain in that area though… I actually don’t wanna get a clue as to how THAT felt.
Bwoy mi nuh know, mi nuh know but all I can say is, if yuh wah tief light, MEMBA WHAT THIS BREDDA GOT BEFORE YUH MEK UP YOUR MIND!
*Got this video from a coworker. I don’t own it and I don’t know where or when it happened. BUT you still get the message right?

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