If you couldn’t tell by the picture, mi lub skin mi teet’! But I often don’t show it. I like to stay quiet and observe inconspicuously. Someone obviously set me up for this one.

I created this blog as a way to get my thoughts out in more ways than simply writing in a journal that no one will ever read. But I may actually still hold back a few things – I’m still growing and getting used to the idea of sharing the things that matter to me with complete strangers. I don’t have any specific topics to cover, except where categories are created because I keep coming back to those issues more than anything. I may post family friendly articles or more offensive ones – there is no room for being politically correct when expressing your own views. But if I seem inadequately informed on anything, please enlighten me! I actually love open, honest and clear discussions.

Looking forward to see you on a future post. Thanks for reading 😊