“Me an’ my n—- taking real chances, uh” – the “uh” is necessary

As you take these & other things into consideration, I strongly suggest you light up a spliff, easy back & buil' a vibe before you properly medz because you might still miss the point after reading this.


Hol’a Vibes: Shekinah Ade-Gold – “Autumn Love”

Shekinah knows how I feel about this song. What do you think? https://youtu.be/YXM_A6cPFI8

Jamaican Catcalling

"Hey dutty stinking shithouse, a you mi a talk to! Yuh ugly nuh rass!"

Hamilton and the Issue of Racial Exclusion within Welcome

And then the occasion arose when I had to meet the white man's eyes. An unfamiliar weight burdened me.

Watch: He set up a camera to record an artist painting. When he zooms in, it’s simply stunning.

This is so satisfying to watch, like eye candy 😍 https://youtu.be/_2CCT9kzz2o

Hol’ a Vibes: Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)

Guuuyyyyssss! Unno hear this before tho? Never expected this collab to be this good yow. Give it a listen and tell me what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKk6_2-AAGc


I'm more introverted than I thought I was, and when I think I'm being bold, I lash out instead. So how do I deal with it? Smoke weed.

Watch: A lonely man who jumps off a high-rise building gets the surprise of his life

WARNING: Don't go jumping off ANYTHING just so you can find a friend. Metaphorically too.

Watch: Solar Eclipse 101

If you have crystals on hand and are interested in learning how to use the energy of the eclipse to manifest good in your life & others, HERE'S A BAG A LINKS FI CHOOSE FROM