The Problem with Having a Literature Degree in 2016

The problem was not that there's absolutely nothing I could possibly do with my Literature degree, but rather that employers themselves don't even know what the degree requires from a person.


Hamilton and the Issue of Racial Exclusion within Welcome

And then the occasion arose when I had to meet the white man's eyes. An unfamiliar weight burdened me.

One Thing ALL University Lecturers Must STOP Doing

Everyday at the University of the West Indies, I pass a bulletin board at the Department of Literatures in English with the following article posted on it: "Qualified But Clueless - University Graduates Say Students Studying Only To Pass Tests And Not Learning". Each time I see it, I think, accurate, but how so really? …

“Uvinersity” and “Sciance”. Yes Those are Real Words

Besides ganja and Bob Marley [which are - weirdly - married terms in the mind of foreigners], Jamaican Creole, more popularly known as 'patois', is the most famous giveaway used by said foreigners to determine whether you're Jamaican. People around the world love Jamaican Creole. It's fun to speak, it carries a certain vibe, and …

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Guard!

I didn't intend for this blog to be about my university experience, but I find that a lot of mistakes are being made by the people around me, especially girls, and especially where relationships are concerned. One of those mistakes is feeling like since you're at the tertiary level now, you can basically drop your …