For Shanee, because she asked 🙂 (hope you actually read all of this… it’s pretty long for an excerpt)

Recently I’ve been observing a lot of ironies in the way of life of the people in my country – standard of living, how the rich manipulate the poor, how no one retaliates or fight for better treatment. At the same I’ve been noticing, as a Literature student at university, how every sense of culture is completely lost on Jamaican youths (the University of the West Indies in Jamaica is all about teaching African awareness, especially in Literatures in English). As a result I’ve started writing what I think will be a book (judging by the length of it so far) that links the deprivation of wealth in Jamaica to the lack of sufficient knowledge of cultural traditions here… among other things.

So far, since we like to make mention of ‘going back to your roots’, I’ve decided to name the book Trees. I chose this title because there are no roots widely visible anymore. By this I mean that a person barely has grounding in wealth and grounding in culture here. Also, because I’m incorporating a few details of my life, the book will be a mix of narrative non-fiction, essay and autobiography. I hope to get it published in the future. I think what I’m writing should be read by all who fall in the category of youth, especially those who have utter disregard for their ancestral background and futuristic beginnings that are or will be neglected.

Please see ‘Trees (an excerpt)’ here:


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