Watch: A lonely man who jumps off a high-rise building gets the surprise of his life

WARNING: Don't go jumping off ANYTHING just so you can find a friend. Metaphorically too.

Watch: Solar Eclipse 101

If you have crystals on hand and are interested in learning how to use the energy of the eclipse to manifest good in your life & others, HERE'S A BAG A LINKS FI CHOOSE FROM

Watch: Woman lives in a Tiny House so She Can Travel the World

Gimme one!

Watch: A Japanese artist turns the human body into an incredibly trippy animation that you have to see.

I'd recommend you watch this while high. Honestly.

Hol’a Vibes: SZA “Doves In The Wind” ft. Kendrick Lamar

Sza: 🎤 Where's Forest Gump when you need you him? Him: So wah unno do fi deserve that? Me: Wah unno do fi deserve the right to somebody else's body? Him: *stumped*