Hol’a Vibes: Shekinah Ade-Gold – “Autumn Love”

Shekinah knows how I feel about this song. What do you think? https://youtu.be/YXM_A6cPFI8

Watch: Alyesha Wise // Aman Batra – “Mom” | All Def Poetry x Da Poetry Lounge


Hol’ a Vibes: A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation


My (In)Formal Resignation

In certain interactions, anyone would think I was simply a non-living thing that could be wielded at will.

You Know Wah Good Fi You?

I realise that people like to tell each other what to do as if we're licenced to know what's right for them. "Yuh mus' go a university cuz yuh need a degree fi get a job" "Don't wear yuh hair like that cuz it nuh look good" Mek sure yuh don't wear nuh shot-up shorts, …