“Me an’ my n—- taking real chances, uh” – the “uh” is necessary

Have you ever felt the little jabs of misshapen pebbles slowly increase as you lie yourself down under poinciana trees in the blazing Summer Sun, while straining your neck from stretching your arm out at all angles trying to get the perfect shot for a promo pic that you’re also supposed to be in & edit at the same time for a guy whose career (alive or dead) is connected to, and heavily influences yours? (Inhales deep breath) No? Alright. Kl.

TODAY I HEARD THAT A LADY SAID I NEEDED PRAYER BECAUSE SHE SAW A PICTURE THAT I PERSONALLY COORDINATED TO SYMBOLISE STRENGTH AND UNITY BETWEEN MEN & WOMEN. It had the blurred image of a man in the background with a (spliff) to his mouth & the foreground was the rear view of a female holding a lighter up to it. Since everyone else in our lives were busy at the time, I thought it might be resourceful to use the only male and female present to be the models for the only photographer present. (Pablo, big up yuhself! Shekinah, blessings.)

But apparently I should have waited for 100 years to pass and the Avatar to come back before we get enough support from people (in faith & finances) to carry out the small visions we have on a daily basis. The method of representation was not suitable to God’s liking (to paraphrase her words), & we should basically douse ourselves in Holier Than Thou Water, & wheel-and-come-again because we are smart, SMARTER than this. We are above average & the world expects better than this!

How about we talk about when is this world ever going to eradicate the need for money & school, & the presence of greed, corruption & blind-yeye from itself? And why don’t we make way for first-hand researchers of weed state the facts about the pros and cons of marijuana? (Smokers, steamers, fambily, unno large tuh!)

Why not talk about the extremes we have to take JUST to get someone to pay enough attention so that the least they can do is to pray for us? I mean, since no one is selfless enough to realise when God has obviously placed them in a position to ACT. To everyone who knows someone who’s trying, if you know in your heart of hearts that you can help them with even a pot with a broken handle, why do you still have it?

As you take these & other things into consideration, I strongly suggest you light up a spliff, easy back & buil’ a vibe before you properly medz because you might still miss the point after reading this. *Edit: Please take some time out to vote for Shekinah’s song by signing into Facebook and clicking “Like” here. If you want, you might even want to meditate with some crystals from Sabynah Naturals & listen to a couple tracks. I recommend:

-“Autumn Love” & “Prayers of the Brave” by Shekinah Ade-Gold https://youtu.be/9o5uBnVnB8c ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5KAx5GfmDs . (Yeah I did it. #PROMO! Also, turn captions on)

– “Perfect Tree” – Chronixx ft. Eesah

-“Christ Conscious” by Joey Badass

-“Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” by Hopsin

-“Fables” by Allan Kingdom ft Chronixx

-“Jesus Loves Me This I Know” by anonymous

– “Female Energy” by Willow Smith

– “The Story of O.J.” by Jay-Z (I always loved how this rhymes)

– “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” “The Recipe” & “Element” by Kendrick Lamar.

Enjoy, & remember, nothing matters!


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