Why I Don’t Blog Often

Recently I’ve been stalking start-up bloggers and old timers (vloggers & insta-famous people included) to see what it is that they have and I don’t. And then I realized – the only difference between me and them is that they don’t hold back.

I come up with random, out of the ordinary ideas a lot but I often don’t voice them because of fear. Part of that fear is that the world won’t accept who I portray myself to be and since rejection nuh nice, then f*&^ it. I may go for a certain look or feel, then all of a sudden cringe at my obviously poor decision-making skills (you’re free to roll your eyes).

Because we live in an audio-visual generation, I’m discouraged by the thought that people hardly like reading anyway (and don’t act like you’re not part of the crowd that will only read Instagram captions THE MOST – ESPECIALLY the ones who skip over all the words to look for who was tagged because their name is somehow relevant info to your daily survival).cropped-wpid-img_20150901_1103593.jpg

Sometimes when I get the urge to write, I question my writing style. I’ve come to terms with having Jamaican Creole pop up at EVERY turn no matter what. I talk like that, so it’s a homely feeling. But if I have to think of my audience & the fact that not everyone knows J’can Creole, then I start doubting my methods. If I go into questioning my methods, then everything is thrown out of balance & feels unnatural to who I am. Once I start switching words around, I lose interest and don’t post anything.

But to solve all that, I’m making moves to simply letting things be and the chips (& words) fall where they may.

Maybe I have some ideas that seem normal and insignificant to me but are actually beneficial to you. Maybe I’m wrong about something that you can teach me about. In any case, don’t just expect more frequent, random posts, but longer ones too.




If you’re into poems and short stories, click the “Poems” or “Story Poetry” tabs at the top of the page, or just go here Poems * Story Poetry



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