3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Living with Your BF

  1. You might have to teach him the proper way to use social media

Some guys aren’t that much into “sharing”. You might have met them online, but slowly you’ll come to realize that more than likely, those posts you liked so much were uploaded by someone else. He knows how to use the messenger app well enough, but everybody knows how to text. It’s not rocket science. But you won’t know just how ignorant he is of technology till you hear him say, “OH! NO FILTER! That’s what the hashtag means!” Like really?

2. You’ll have random staring contests

If it’s anything we do when we’re not verbally communicating, it’s waking up to or turning to each other and just… staring. Usually it lasts until we laugh out loud or one of us asks the other if them a’right cuz we kinda creeped out.

3. The living is easy.

Literally. If you know each other inside out, then the fact that you’re a neat freak and him just cah see the sense in keeping things tidy, compromise will almost be automatic. The decision to live with someone comes with acceptance. If yuh cah accept seeing his stuff all over the place, and if he cah accept you constantly putting things away… what are you doing?

Compromise is him putting things in their designated areas and you showing that you can be messy too. Just don’t get nasty wid it. Please.


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