Election Quagmire

Don’t think this could be worded better

The World & I


The People’s National Party (PNP) after a lengthy speech finally saw fit to set a date for the general election when the polls were in their favor. This was quite the strategy which caught the Holness lead opposition off guard and scouring for a niche to exploit in an effort to turn the tides. However, the PNP has quite the contriver [presumably PJ Patterson] clandestinely chartering their course to inevitable victory. Here is where I quell your assertion that I am in favor of the PNP— I’m not. It is simply the blatant truth.

Under another 4 year reign of the PNP, what will the state of Jamaica be in 2020? Many have come out demanding a fixed election date rather than waiting on the whims of a touch to set an election date, which I fully support. A drawn out election benefits NO ONE. The funds allocated to rally support comes…

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