My first week here was loaded with freeness. Free food. Free clothes. Free mini survival-of-the-cold necessities. I thought this was just an introductory thing. Wrong.

Granted, I’ve only mainly had my experience of free things at McMaster, but it still says a lot about a country that can afford to give away things. Some cases in point:

The rest was in the bag
The rest was in the bag

-One day at KFC, the serving girl piled both my palms with ketchup and whatever other sauces, pepper and salt packets were available;

-Booths set up at social events at school with people shouting, “Free stuff!” Some literally shoved goodie bags in my face. Granted I didn’t mind.

A quarter of the goodies

-There was one stall set up for the awareness of violence against women, all while offering as much jewelry as your heart desired for whatever amount you chose to donate. There was no minimum, no limit to how much you could give. Do these people know good marketing strats or what?

-You could get a shirt with McMaster logo and mascot on it for free. On the other hand, in Jamaica, you’d have to pay over $1000 just to get one of the cheapest shirts with anything UWI on it.

-Talk about pizza stalls handing out free pizzas, grocery stores with booths handing out bags of basic supplies you’ll need as a student living on your own. These were literally longest lines I’ve ever seen in my life. The Fortinos line stretched around the entire square in the heart of the school. And that square is not small. Yet, it’s understandable. I hear that Fortinos prices aren’t necessarily student oriented.

-Coupons galore! Movie ticket discounts, fast food restaurant discounts, discounts on rides at famous attractions, free entry with a number of purchases. And I mean all you had to do was either spin a wheel here, join a line there, or answer a basic question correctly and you didn’t have to pay to sign up for anything.

-At Supercrawl,  there was a Coco Cola van that allowed you to get a free coke with your name on it. You could type your name on a screen and have the finished product in your palm in 15 seconds

Probably the first and last time I'll see my name on anything Coke
Probably the first and last time I’ll see my name on anything Coke

And the list could go on and on. It literally does, but I’m still wondering if Canada is a wonderland in disguise, or is that just how all first-world countries go? Either way, I’m stacking up on as much as my luggage weight limit will allow. Why not?


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