Canada Chronicles, Chapter 1: 1st Flight

Since the beginning of May alllll the way down to August 31st, I’ve spent the most money and time getting things in order so I could get to Canada than I’ve ever done in 3 months to go even to University. By June, I gave up. By July, I was only going along with application processes and whatever else was required because too many people saw something in the opportunity that I was blind to. For me, being able to cross the Caribbean Sea was just like characters in books – faces you can imagine but never meet.

So even when I was in both the Norman Manley Int’l and the Pearson Int’l Airports, I was still basically in dream mode. I saw planes up close for the 1st time [yes, I know you’re thinking, “How old is she?“]; I felt the weight of my suitcases as I left my mother and other supporters behind for the 1st time; and I got to hear a real-life pilot on the telecom say cliche phrases for the 1st time. The only experience I had in which I was as aware as I was supposed to be, was when it hit me that the plane was no longer on the ground. Mi neva pray so hard inna mi life yet! I kept thinking, “Aright Shanese, a jus’ 4 hrs. Yuh cyah dead inna 4 hrs. Just imagine yuh inna class or sumn. Read sumn, shut the window, sing a sankey, pretend seh when the plane rock two side, is jus’ like when yuh inna coaster bus. BREATHE.”

Shortly before I landed. Was brave enough to look down on the clouds.
Shortly before I landed. Felt brave enough to look down on the clouds.

After a while I decided to just sleep it away and forget about even taking a pic of the view outside a plane, but when I woke up, only 10mins had passed. Then I decided to read, but it was Game of Thrones and the repetitive death scenes were not helping my paranoia. So I finally decided to tear my eyes out at the seat in front of me and occasionally scan the other passengers who were all, by 3:30am [it was a 2:30 flight] snoring their troubles away.

Funny enough, I was wide awake when I landed and for the rest of the day. Now I’m a person who loves laughing at the so called ‘struggles’ that people complain about… until I have them for myself, but this time I was thinking, “Pssh, wah name jet lag?” At 11am I was still roaming my mentor’s backyard, snapping pics and surfing the net. Then  mi go tek fass and lie down in the bedroom she said I could use, just to see what would happen. I only slept for 2 hrs. By the time I got up, I was really laughing my head off at the old jet lag stories. Then came night and we drove all the way back to Hamilton from Mississauga, so I could settle into the house I’ll be staying in for my tenure here. After all the pleasantries, I lie down again, just to get accustomed to the bed. This was about 11:15pm. I didn’t wake up till 11-something the next morning. The following night, I slept for a little over 9 hrs, and it just kept going like that till I got back down to 6 and 7 hrs. I can’t complain though. I actually felt more refreshed when I woke up after those long periods than I’m used to. Usually when I sleep that long, I feel waaay more tired than when I 1st went to bed.

It all has been an interesting experience though, and the pilots were very skilled in how they managed the plane. I couldn’t help admiring how smoothly the ride was going under the weight of so many 50lbs suitcases. And the flight attendants were just strolling through the passages like it was a day at the beach. They may as well have been whistling.

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Food wasn’t bad either but it wasn’t great. Hats off to Fly Jamaica! But mi nuh wah go back pon plane though. Kevin, I share your sentiments:


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