People and Their Weird Food Preferences

If you’re one of those people who don’t eat food because of reasons you’ve suddenly conjured up [all because of being picky], YUH FI TAPPI!

Now that that’s out, I’m going to share with you some preferences some people have, that I’ve found to be not only weird, but quite frankly, annoying.

×° People cannot and will not eat unless the food looks presentable.

I can understand being visually attracted to a well-thought out design. I love colours and I tend to gravitate towards a fresh way of organizing such. But when you refuse to eat because the food is just sitting there not performing for you, that’s taking it a bit far. That tells me that 1 – you don’t know the monetary value going to waste in your plate; 2 – you have no regard for those who cannot afford such value, and; 3 – you’re just plain spoiled.

×°° People can’t eat anything in their plates because all the ingredients have touched.

Refer to #s 1, 2 & 3 above. Other than that, I have a question for persons who think this way: won’t all the ingredients be touching in your stomach? Also, if food touching each other is gross, what describes the slimy bolus of food that has been mixed with your spit and is about to mix with more nasty stuff in your belly like foul-smelling gastric juice, etc etc?

×°°° If it doesn’t smell familiar, then they don’t have to at least try it.

To this I say, how are you ever going to know whether it may be your next favourite dish? What happened to living a little? Yes, you didn’t know chicken could smell like that. That doesn’t mean it’s not chicken. Neither does it mean it’s not edible. On the flip side, if it’s clear that scent it’s emanating signals burnt chicken, then by all means, steer clear of it.

The difference between all these so-called “preferences” combined and actually having serious health conditions is that in no way does the former contribute to you feeling sick or not. Neither does the former cause death. It’s all in the mind. And honestly, if you do get sick, it’s because you’ve conditioned yourself to really hate something to such an extent, which really isn’t necessary. Now I’m no professional in dietetics, but I have some theories based on my own experience. Here is an example:

When I was small, NO ONE could get me to eat ackee. You coulda put inna saltfish, you could try to enhance the smell by frying it with any kinda sausage or bacon, it could even be your dying wish. I was simply dead-set against ackee. But one day suddenly, when my mother was dishing everybody’s meat with ackee and my meat without, I scowled at my plate and asked why I wasn’t given the fruit to try. Of course she was stunned and puzzled, but she dished it anyway [albeit with a suspicious eye]. Nowadays I’m the first to ask for ackee to be added to the night’s dinner.

With all this ranting though, I must admit, I too have my weird food preferences, but those aren’t important. What’s yours?


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