Drinkable Books?

I’m a bibliophile – meaning, I love books. The stories clasped between covers [whether written in prose, poetry or in play form] make my day more than ice cream or cake. Sometimes people will notice this without me saying it directly. Apparently my excitement over a new book – its artistic cover, the very clever wording of the title, even its smoothness/roughness or the way it fits perfectly in hand – is a little ‘too weird’. I also love the smell of pages. Sometimes when I visit the library I tend to extend my stay just so I can enjoy the aroma.

But I’ve never gone so far as thinking you could actually drink books.

Now before you start picturing putting a book to your head and gulping down the water trickling out of it, here’s the back story.

Image source: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/could-drinkable-book-provide-clean-water-developing-world-180956286/?no-ist
Image source: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

Scientist, Dr Theresa Dankovich, created a special type of paper that, when any ole kinda water is poured on it, purifies that water. So no, you’re not literally drinking the book, but in a weird sense, you kinda are.

WATERisLIFE is the company that has partnered with Dr Dankovich to make this technology available. They say the paper-making process and the resulting product is cheap and affordable, but seriously, for how long? It is a very good initiative though, and they’ve already been using it for a good purpose. WATERisLIFE also has other water-filtering technologies which are being used to help the poorest of nations who have no means of getting purified water. Check out their website here. You can also read more on The Drinkable Book here and here.

Soooooo, would you consider drinking a book?


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