Trees (an excerpt, II)

Last year, trees became a significant recurrence in my life, signifying mostly death. I never knew why and I was afraid to explore it further, so I wrote about some of my experiences just to shake the shroud of fear off.

I also published an excerpt of the documentary, promising to add more overtime. I didn’t, was still afraid to and I felt people would find me weird.

For the past 8 or so months though, I’ve been learning from people who’ve had similar experiences – premonitions, foresights of the dead or dying, or of any kinda significant event worth preparing for, and I guess that’s made me more confident in sharing my experiences further. So here’s another excerpt of ‘Trees’ :

‘I could see the mangoes now. That was the first thing I remembered. A hole in the roof. As the vision cleared up, I realized that the hole was well constructed – half of the roof was actually purposely removed. Only beams that were never there before, ran horizontal of the length of the space. I guessed that was just for making the sudden gap that claimed your attention not look so noticeable. Well that was a waste of time.

‘The hole was on the right side of the house over the car porch. I don’t know where I was when… a hole was being purposely put in – but from what I can remember, I was coming from the inside when I saw it, so it must have been done quickly, before I woke up….

‘The second thing I remembered noticing about the hole was not the hole itself, but the very green of the leaves. Thinking back to Wide Sargasso Sea, I suppose they should have had a very bright, cheerfully hypnotizing green about them, especially in that peaceful morning light. Instead they were dark and menacingly hypnotizing… I think somewhere in my subconscious I wondered how those big, juicy-looking mangoes grew so perfectly amongst such evil-looking leaves.

‘Now, thinking about the hole, the leaves, the few big mangoes and me circling underneath to get a panoramic view, I don’t remember much else of the dream. But I know it means something. And it must mean death. Some time ago I learnt to accept the traditional belief that all, if not some specific dreams meant something. I accepted it because mine always foretold death, death in multiplicity. It was never just one person, never just one dream, and when they came, they were close, even if the deaths themselves weren’t…. I’ve had at least three or four this month already. Three people I’ve known, died already. Who is next?’

Be free to share your thoughts. Rereading this, I’m still a little weirded out about it all, but if anyone can shed light on the matter, you are welcome. Thanks!


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