A UWI Student’s Top Vocab

Some words/terms you’ll probably hear nowhere else but on the Mona campus:

-Nardo; corn dog; full house
-So-sci; med-sci; sci-med-tech, humanities
-Union; gym; Yao; guild
-Inte/integration; UWI carnival
-Student bus; guild bus
-Students’ lounge/lounge
-SAS (pronounced ‘sass’); undercroft
-On hall; commuters
-Tutor; tutorial; lecture; lecturer (upgraded from the high school  term ‘teacher’)
-Irvine gate; back gate
-OurVle (pronounced ‘our’ ‘V-L-E’ or ‘our ville’)
-Coursework; course rep; teacher evaluation
-Pelican; pelican pride
-‘Di tree’ (as in, any tree – people usually know which one specifically, only by the grace of God); KC tree
-Bowl; tent
…. and nuff more!

You might notice that some of these words and phrases are not unfamiliar, while some probably don’t mek sense. eg ‘Nardo’ is the person who sells corn dogs, and no, I don’t mean the one on a stick. They actually look like this:

But the idea is that once you’re a student or you just visit campus regularly, then you’re likely to hear these words more often than usual. 
By the way, ‘inte’ or ‘integration’ is short for Integration Thursdays, which is the name of a free party held every Thursday as a stress free for students. It’s held at Union – short for Students’ Union, next to Yao, the restaurant… So you probably get ma drift right?
I know there’s nuff more I left out so maybe people can add to the list, but there it is.
Everywhere you go has a list of words associated with that place which are not gonna be heard as often anywhere else. If I used any word from the vocab attached to my workplace for example, people would probably look at me weird because they wouldn’t be sure where it originated from, how/why it was created, or to what it refers.
What’s some of those special words/phrases you can think of?


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