Just a Thought: Men, Music and Twisted Morals

So I’ve been noticing this a lot recently, more so in books such as The Color Purple and Sons and Lovers, and plays like The Winter’s Tale, but today it was a Chronixx song that did it.

Not to say that there’s anything wrong with any of the three. I love each of them, and find that the values taught in the expression of their vast opinions have helped me to see the beautiful differences in perspective.

But anyways, I’m wondering what it is with men (overall) not trusting women, always accusing them of wrongdoing/ having the potential to do such terrible things to them, YET idealizing their mothers. It’s as if the mother is not really a woman – in the sense that she is not an earthly, fallible, oftentimes deceptive being like Delilah, but rather some angel who just happened to decide to come down from Heaven to suffer through ‘raising her bwoy right.’ Because what I’m getting from most artistic representations is that ‘women’ will always stab a man in the back and that they are therefore SEPARATE from mothers – mothers are one sex or breed, so to speak, in a category by themselves; men in one and ‘women’ in another.

But what is funny about the situation, especially as brought out (in order of greatest impact 1st) in Sons and Lovers, The Color Purple and The Winter’s Tale, is that mothers are the ones who allow young boys to grow up on pedestals, believing they are superior, to forget that all ‘men’, ie both sexes, were created equal. Then somewhere along the line they start to feel more superior to women because of this belief, but not to their mothers. THEN you come to realize that in all their rantings over how women are Delilahs, there underlies the helpless babies who will always horseshoe back to their mothers, as if they hadn’t finished weaning.
Why is that?

Just a thought…


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