Writing SKILLS!!! Need Some?

Alright I seriously had to share this with you guys.

Lots of people find it hard to put thoughts into ‘proper’ words especially when their English language doesn’t match the standard itself.

We writer’s get it, we understand that you may find it hard to write sometimes (truthfully we don’t because we’ve probably never had that problem to as much an extent that you have). But wherever and whenever we can, we like to offer help, because truthfully, it kills us to read a good story that wasn’t well written. Creative talents must be crafted and molded perfectly so as to yield the best results possible. At least I think so.

Just think of a movie or book or poem or song with a really interesting theme and an attention-grabbing plot that gets you really excited to hear more… but was sadly and poorly delivered. If you’ve seen or heard one of those, you know the extent of the let-down.

But here comes Creative Talents Unleashed to the rescue!

This is a great online webpage that gives the best tips on NOT JUST WRITING, but writing creatively. I can testify that even at my age I’ve never come across a better adviser (but really, mi nuh that ole 🙂 ).

So far I’ve learned to think beyond cliches, pay closer attention to the details of life and be less afraid to just WRITE. The page encourages you to write whatever comes to mind, as it comes to mind, without paying too much attention to extreme perfection. That comes later. If you’re concerned about being right all the time with what you’re gonna write, then take comfort in the theory (proven in my opinion) that the first response that comes to mind is usually right. WELL IT CAME FIRST FOR A REASON DIDN’T IT?

Speaking of responses, they also offer daily challenges of writing a story in 6 WORDS! That mad don’t it? It works, believe me. I’m a writer in my own right and I was afraid to try but I’ve surprisingly become better when I thought my creative writing development was over. To help spur a story, a really intriguing picture is given in the challenge. The trick that most may not realize is that you may find you have a lot more than just 6 words to say (which, of course, is the birth of a story that you didn’t know about).

So gwan go try it! Pleeeeaaassseeee (*puppy dog eyes*). It’s not a promotion but I just wanna read some good writing. You can’t say you can’t till you’ve failed over 50 times and I know we all have stories to tell.

Check out the link and get writing: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeTalentsUnleashed/timeline. More details on the page.

What stories did you have to tell today? Go right ahead and share. Pap ‘tori gimme! 😀



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